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vendredi 5 novembre 2010

Oh, and Happy, Happy Friday!

Hello Lovelies,

 All photos in this post are copyright (c) 2010 Vic Lipson.

Blogging daily is not always easy. Sometimes life gets in your blogging way. But that can be good, too. Means you're busy, creative, enjoying real life!

Last weekend was a long one here in France, so I went away for a little while. I snapped way too many pics, doodled a lot, and then... forgot my dear notebook at my mom's! :-(

So let's see what I *can* show you lovelies right now.

Early autumn soft light on a pair of unripe kakis:

The countryside, where I've been lately:

"Autumn colors" - shot from a running car!

Have a swell weekend everyone, and I'll be back soon with new drawings of caterpillars (the funny kind), insects and the like!

Vic from TeaButterfly