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vendredi 25 mai 2012

French Beauty Tips for The Lazy Gal

Hello Lovelies!

Caudalie's Self-Foaming Cleanser

After reading these lazy beauty tips ( I really enjoyed the writer's sense of humor), I decided to share my own 'lazy' tips with you today.

Here is my comment on the 'lazy beauty' post: 

"Oh! I love the laziness idea here! In France, it has been turned into a series of fun books, called "les Paresseuses" (paresseuse is the French for lazy), and that way you can have beauty tips, wardrobe tips, fitness tips, cooking tips etc... for the lazy gals!
I love all-in-one products. Especially if they're organic or eco-friendly.

I use a self-foaming device for producing a soft soap for my face (try Caudalie's, if has such an incredible Fleur de Vigne scent). I just press the pump, get a tangerine size of foam ready to use. I put it gently on my face without rubbing, the soap gently washes my oils off the face. I simply rinse it while under the shower in the morning. Simple!

For my nails, I'm glad Essie finally arrived in France. I use the all-in-one base. 'nuff said.

To replace the eight hour cream you don't like, why not use organic jojoba oil, great for face/hair/body? or try Melvita's "Karité soft", which is a ready-to-use blend of shea butter (karité in French) and other moisturizing oils that faintly smells of orange peel. I use it on my lips, cuticles, nails, feet and other dehydrated places that need extra-care."

-Naomi the Frenchy.

mardi 22 mai 2012

Oh ! La pluie

Hello Lovelies!

 wall decal by tawnyamdesigns on etsy

"Il pleut des cordes" means 'it rains cats and dogs' in French. And here in France we have the weirdest springtime ever... it didn't rain in March and April, when rain was due, but now the lovely month of May is all rainy.

But... i'm the kid of gal who sings in the rain. I made an Etsy treasury to celebrate raindrops and grey clouds... Check it out here!


-Naomi of TeaButterfly

jeudi 17 mai 2012

Kibo Means Hope in Japanese

Hello Lovelies!

 instagram photo of my drawing. (c) Lipson 2012.

Remember the Japanese tsunami of 2011? Fukushima? Well, I have thought about it for a long, long time, and always wanted to offer one of my Japanese-inspired drawings to help raise funds for the relief of Japan and the Japanese people.

I have finally drawn what I find is the right piece for just that purpose. I will sell this black ink drawing for Japan via 'Kibô-Promesse', a French non-profit organization. Kibo means Hope in Japanese, and Promesse is the French for 'Promise'.

If you wish to purchase that drawing directly from me, this is also possible. Just send me an email, and I promise all the price of the drawing will go to the Japanese Red Cross.

Here is the full view of the drawing as well as some details:

Untitled (steaming cup of tea). Mixed media. (c) Lipson 2012.

size: 14.5 X 21 cm

technique: ink drawing on wallpaper, glued on drawing paper

Let me know what you think, and enjoy!

-Vic from TeaButterfly.

samedi 12 mai 2012

Beauty Secrets of A French Gal - Summertime

Hello Lovelies!

 this is me sporting my braided paper hat, yes, a hat made of paper! very light-weight and perfect for that light summer luggage. photo (c) Lipson 2012.

I have been taking some rest at the hospital lately and so had time to think and come up with a new idea! how about an e-book? a small pdf that will allow me to share with you my best kept beauty secrets, season after season?

I'm a French gal, so i might know a thing or two about beauty. I love to look at it from an organic, simple and lovely point of view. I'm also close to nature and will organize my beauty tips by season, so you'll find beauty essential tips for summer, fall, winter & spring.

 instagram me with Jackie O style sunglasses. photo, my own. (c) Lipson 2012.

Here's an excerpt of a perfect vanity for a simple, happy and beautiful summer 5i WILL explain more about the products I recommend, why, how-tos etc...).

some of my organic beauty products for summer. photo, my own (c) Lipson 2012.

For summer you'll need in your luggage:

  • 100ml shea butter (I recommend Melvita's karité soft)
  • mosquito repellent (mix HE citronnelle et HE géranium)
  • paper hat (see image above) or a beekeeper's folding white canvas hat
  • sunglasses I like the Jackie O look (img)
  • sun protection on-the-go Avène
  • footcare HE palmarosa vetyver
  • 10ml tea tree essential oil
  • arnica montana 5cH - homeopathy remedy against pain after a chock or bruise.
  • after-sun moisture masque hydratant weleda à l'iris 
  • citrus-scented cologne or have your fave perfume in its summer, lighter version
  • liquid organic soap that's good for skin, face body and hair ( base lavante neutre img
  • muji's travel kits and accessories.

-Vic from TeaButterfly

vendredi 11 mai 2012

Happy Dance Time!

Hello Lovelies!

I am soooo happy to have fully recovered from my illness and to announce that I am now finally out of the hospital, hence the happy penguins above.

I have started writing an e-book called "All-Natural & Simple: The Organic Beauty Secrets of A French Gal", where I intend to share with you all my organic beauty products, tips and tricks. This project has me very excited!

The draft of it is finished, now I need to take loads and loads of pics of all the essential oils I'm telling you about, etc... Then the final polishing and... tadaaaa! A brand new e-book will be available at my Etsy shop!

In the meantime, enjoy the little preview I published earlier - find it here.

Much warmth,

-Vic from TeaButterfly.

mercredi 2 mai 2012

New Collages

Hello Lovelies!

"Aimée" - photo and collage, my own. (c) Lipson 2012

My creative outburst is full-blown right now! I'm deeply into collages and you can see them on instagram (simply follow me as TEABUTTERFLY ) or on my flickr...


-Vic (aka Naomi) from TeaButterfly

mardi 1 mai 2012

My Brand New Zazzle Shop

Voir d'autres cadeaux sur Zazzle.

Please pay a visit to my new 'personalized bags' shop at zazzle:

You will find there 100 per cent Organic cotton grocery bags there, with quotes from famous jazz standards.


Vic from TeaButterfly