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lundi 8 août 2011

A Small Guide To Paris.

hello Lovelies,

My Mariage Frères favorite spot in the Marais - wonderful tea!

I'm leaving for Paris this wednesday, and I'm thrilled to go to Merci for the first time! OK, so this time I'm leaving for 10 days (I'll be back on August the 20th) and I just won't miss my train, promise! ;-) Hopefully I will be back to blog about my own suitcase confessions!

Here is a selection of shops (all personal favorites) that I intend to (re-)visit. I may even purchase there a thing or two...

Muji (preferably the St-Sulpice one)

Merci of course

Fragonard 196, Boulevard St-Germain (perfumes, fragrant candles, ceramics, home wares)

Florame ( deluxe organic cosmetics) - near place de l'Odéon

Kusmi Tea - beautiful Art Nouveau tins and wonderful tea! small street near Boulevard St-Germain

Le petit Atelier de Paris - 31, rue de Montmorency

L'éclaireur 40, rue de Sévigné - this Sévigné street is a great place for shopping!

Another great spot for high-quality tea: Mariage Frères. I love their 30, rue du Bourg Tibourg spot.

Médecine douce for nice and affordable jewelry: 10 rue de Marseille.

And... if you like Asian-style ceramics and home ware on the very cheap (but good restaurant-like quality) go to Eurotra, 119, Boulevard Richard-Lenoir. They have a great choice for great prices! Their wares are usually made for restaurants, but they also sell to you and I. My secret Paris address! ;-)

 A reading corner in the Merci shop (cum coffee shop). photo by Jillian Leiboff, via the decor8 blog.

I also second the choices of this page - really great selection.

Finally, I recommend you read about "my fave walk in Paris" - I posted it on my previous blog, but it's still up-to-date!


-Vic from TeaButterfly

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