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lundi 1 août 2011

August, You're a Funny Month that Way!

Hello Lovelies!

Untitled I - mixed media and acrylic on paper. 
From my new abstract compositions series. (c) Lipson 2011.

Happy Monday and Happy First Day of August!

Today I'll share with you some personal thoughts about this coming month and my feelings, both old and new, towards it. And of course, the reason why they changed over time...

I used to feel and think I utterly dislike August. A bit like January, it's a bland, non-special kind of month. I don't like summer much, as I suffer from the heat and it makes me lazy. The days in August usually feel endless and I long for some "Back To School" time, some action, like new lessons, be it in creative writing, singing or playing the cello!

But instead of submitting myself to my worst instincts this year, i'd like to avoid boredom and sleuth this time and actually start to enjoy August for what it has to offer: sensuality. Peaches are a delight to be enjoyed, the lovely Jane reminded me today.

I live far from the beach but there are plenty of small rivers and creeks to explore and water to dive in. And what about my town swimming pool? I should give it a try!

photo by anna emilia

August is also a great month for walking barefoot in the tall grass, wearing soft linen dresses and DIY jewelry, like the sweet Anna Emilia, catching fireflies and taking long naps before it's too late and we're too busy again.

August, the month of sensuality. Image via

We have great rainstorms around here, in the South of France, during August, and they're a marvel of Nature.

firelfly animated gif - found via google images.

Untitled II (detail) - mixed media and acrylic on paper. 
From my new abstract compositions series. (c) Lipson 2011.

On the creative front, i've been quite busy lately with new abstract compositions and I'd love to continue on that strand.

Keeping an art journal is fun and I found some great ideas over pinterest to fill in blank pages with dots, stripes and melting colors!

Thanks to the wonderful book, "Simple Abundance: a daybook of comfort and joy", by Sarah Ban Breathnach, I seek the simple affordable everyday pleasures in August, too. My mindset has shifted from the negative to the positive. September will be all the more beautiful for it, i'm pretty sure!

And you? Any month or period of time you dislike during the year? Let me hear about it!

-Vic from TeaButterfly.

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