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dimanche 21 août 2011

Sunday Special: Real Life in Paris.

Hello Lovelies!

 Paris view at dusk - source unknown.

Wow! I came back home and was welcomed by quite a heat wave, which almost made me forget the soft grey skies of Paris...

Paris view, August 2011. Photo, my own.

My favorite time of year is this, the end of August and beginning of September, the whole "Back To School" excitement. It's no wonder that I am a stationery junkie, too, as "Back to School" is also the time of year to stock pile lots of new sheets of paper, fresh bottles of ink, etc...

a box of crayons and ginger candy, my faves! (photo, my own).

So in Paris I bought myself a brand new Filofax yearbook, a recycled leather wallett (great price for a great device for carrying money and important papers around). I also bought a box crayons (a gift for my young cousin T.), a small bottle of black China ink and no noteboks, since I own so many already! I gave my old wallet as gift for young cousin E.

"Kusmi Detox" tea with ginger root. Photo, my own.

In Paris, a lot of tea was bought and drunk, too, of course! If you know me, you know I'm an avid tea-drinker!

 Tea at my aunt S's. Photo, my own.

Tea & "somethin' else". photo, my own.

I listened to a lot of classic-era jazz, too, as seen above.

I ate food from all over the world there, esp. mezze from Lebanon, chirashi from Japan, gelati from Italy, Chinese food and Vietnamese hot spicy soup. Yum!

Amorino's ice-cream. Photo, my own.

I highly recommend the ice-cream of Amorino's, they have several shops in and about the Luxembourg gardens. Even the smallest cornetto is huge and the ice-cream is shaped like the petals of a rose, a real treat!

image: source unknown

Well... some people like cats, some others don't.

My Dad does not, so in I moved with my kitty to my young aunt S's apt in Belleville, the first Chinatown of Paris, (the second being in the 13e arrondissement).

S has a lovely apt, with sweeping Paris views, Chinatown exotic flair and the right balance between a calm building with a planted inner court and a roaming neighborhood full of restaurants and shops. I love all her antique finds in her home!

vintage tea tins, at S'. photo, my own.

vintage Art Deco seal lamp:

a pair of seals suport the lamp as a circus balloon. photo, my own.

Shortly before leaving for Paris, I fell in love with the art of Amos Lee and bought his latest album when I arrived in the French capital:

cover of first Amos Lee album, it's a stunning photo I think.

You can now read (below) my shopping trips and visits around the parc Monceau. It is a nice little stroll you can try next time you visit Paris.

A lion guarding the entrance to the Cernuschi Museum of Fine Asian Art. photo, my own.

You can start your "promenade" at:
métro monceau or villiers
go through parc monceau
visit the city of paris asian arts museum for free (it's also called musée Cernuschi). Enrico Cernuschi was a private collector and art amateur who first started this Asian Art collection.

entrance to the "musée Cernuschi". photo, my own.

stroll around the parc monceau and discover some ikebana art done the French way:

"ikebana" at Parc Monceau. photo, my own.

go to boulevard courcelles, buy a cake at hédiard luxury foods
continue on boulevard de Courcelles and buy flowers at the crossroadds between boulevard courcelles and ternes

stop at monoprix for great bagains (i bought my caudalie cosmetics there)

stop at the fnac for amos lee's latest album (extensive choice of books, dvds, cds, etc...)

take avenue niel stop at number 75 get inside and find the dimminutive original kusmi shop (reopnes in spetember 2011) or buy their teas at their other paris shop or online.

if you're in a tourist mode and don't mind the crowd, visit l'Etoile, arc de triomphe and the nearby champs-elysées...

Here's the loot of the day: Amos Lee's latest album, Caudalie cosmetics and lots of Kusmi tea!

Loot of the day. Photo, my own.

And now? Back to old favorites, books and tea, as depicted in this peaceful painting by Christopher Stott.

painting by Christopher Stott

More about Paris, the new ikea catalogue, back-to-school, organizing and fall essentials on my next post! Also to come: street art & poetry in Paris. And finally, a shopping guide, drawn directly from my experience.

See you Monday!

-Vic from TeaButterfly.

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Anonyme a dit…

Vic, since 2 days we have a heat wave on all France and so on Paris !!!
I hope you've enjoyed your trip in France !!!
Have a good sunday !