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lundi 22 mars 2010

Butterfly Inspired Colour Palettes

Hello Lovelies!

And Happy First-Monday-of-Spring! ;)

Have you heard about ColourLovers? It's a great site. Since I draw both in black and white and color, I thought it timely to introduce you today to my more colored art and to a nice ColourLovers feature.

They indeed offer an eye-pleasing collection of colour palettes derived from eighteen of those winged beauties of warm spring days, butterflies!

You could use that feature for your home decor projects, or in my case, for my art. Now I'm off to color this winged beauty (below)!


2 commentaires:

LabSpace a dit…

Très joli! Oh lalà! Les cahiers à lignes françaises... Ca me rappelle tant de souvenirs d'enfance! :)))

TeaButterfly a dit…

Hell LabSpace!

I'm glad this brings back happy memories!