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vendredi 27 mai 2011

Happy Week Report (art exhibition and new projects inside)

Hello Lovelies!

playing with type: the title of my new drawing. (c) 2011 Lipson

I had quite an eventful week! A trip to Avignon, France and a weeks' long art collective exhibition, including two of my works (oil paintings).

Here is my latest drawing, in its blue envelope:

my new drawing: "Never Let Me Go". (c) 2011 Lipson

Also of note:

A series of coasters I've been drawing lately... (c) Lipson 2011

Here are some snapshots from the medieval city of Avignon (mainly the Virgin with Child, i dunno why):

Sandro Botticelli, Virgin and child, from an art poster found in Avignon. A current exhibition.

 Virgin with Child: in the streets of Avignon.

Another Virgin, another corner of Avignon.

Amazing wooden carved door - St-Pierre Church, Avignon.

I went to Avignon in order to meet a friend, a photographer who had an exhibition there, called "Oeuvre nocture" (Night Art Work).

The "Oeuvre nocture" (Night Art Work) poster. Avignon May 2011.

The "Oeuvre nocturne" exhibition consisted in night-lit shop windows displaying art of young and emerging artists. Here are my friend's Yoan Loudet photographs, as displayed (they are of Avignon's streets under heavy and unsual snow):

Last but not least: as an emerging artist, I really enjoyed reading (and I hope you will, too) this Pikaland interview. These are Summer's top tips be for people struggling to juggle their daily commitments/day jobs with their creative endeavours.


-Vic from TeaButterfly

PS: I'm in love!

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