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mercredi 15 juin 2011

Visual Obsessions

Hello Lovelies!

 My home office, together with my visual obsessions. 2005 (c) Lipson.
Sorry for not posting much, it's been a long (Pentacostal) weekend over here in France. Plus I missed my plane to Portugal and felt disheartened... But deep down I know...


So I'm glad to be on my own again, right here, right now, and to share with you today a few of my  visual obsessions...They're all pictured in the photograph I took... back in 2005! I can thus tell I've been nurturing my own visual obsessions for a long time now.

You can have a closer look at this photograph here on Flickr, together with specific notes. So let's see... obviously I love beautiful butterflies (and I love "pinning" them there). And all insects, for that matter. I love anything tea and/or Japan-related. I love books, books, books... ('cause, you know, "book lovers never go to bed alone"...). I love spirals, vortex and whirlwinds... pinned here , too.

So, can you tell now I'm hooked on Pinterest? Obviously...

Talk to you soon,

-Vic from TeaButterfly.

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