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lundi 18 juillet 2011

Summer Dreams

Hello Lovelies!

...and happy Monday to y'all!

Despite the heavy heat going on here in the South of France, I've been living life to the full lately and so neglected this blog a bit, sorry. Now here's what i've been up to (i like to kiss and tell). 'Cause, yes, I've been kissing and quite a lot!
I've fallen in love! First I tried boy no1 then boy no2 but they wouldn't do. Then out of a sudden, i met IRL an on-line friend i've been corresponding with for over a year! instant mutual click, it was.

And so i've been daydreaming about moving back to Paris because that's where I'm from and also where he lives and about decorating our new place because I love home decor and i dream of the place we will live in together. he's a man, so this has revived my love for masculine flair and he is from Togo, West Africa, so I thought of adding some African highlights to an otherwise, modern, sleek and clean home.

African chic style - As'art galerie

If you follow my pinterest (i have won the hearts of over 20 45 followers within a very short time - all total strangers to me), you also know i will add a touch of orange, an old love of mine, to that dark, masculine african wenge wood. it will make everything just bright and chic!

I've also been needing to redecorate/reorganize my home office for some time now. I love contemporary art, as you well know (so sad about Cy Twombly's recent death).

decorating with tape: source unknown.

So everything will be clean, tidy and counter-balanced by a crazy, colorful piece of art by Yellena, just like this:

Our bedroom will be very tranquil, peaceful and understated in a "greige", or "perfect grey" spirit. Just white linens, soft grey accents and a comfy bed. The bare essentials.

bedroom image via decorology

The bathroom will also be very plain/bare in white and lightest grey possible. What i call "Belgian gray", because of the likes of Vincent van Druysen and other great Belgian architects. See more Belgian gray interiors here.

source unknown, maybe the blog

It will have soft turkish cotton towels (the best quality!) and a few streamlined bottles of organic (since 1983!) French cosmetics by Centifolia-bio.

For a similar look and quality, try the organic products of John Masters' in the US. 

Lately, i find myself more and more drawn to simplicity and the bare essentials. I have categorized them by season on pinterest, and now have a Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Essentials inspiration boards. The main reason for that is to not face harsh winter or very hot summer days unprepared.

"al fresco in the valley"

My secret for winning over any winter blah? Ginger!

 excerpt from the "3191" magazine.

Yes, ginger, be it the root dipped in hot water and then slowly sipped or wonderful, deluxe scented ginger souffle by Origins. Since the latter is a bit difficult to find in France, it will be replaced in my all-white bathroom by the "gingembre" rich moisturizing cream by Roger & Gallet.


I find very hot, dry summer days difficult to bear sometimes so i turn to citrusy, zesty, light scents and drinks! rosemary lemonade is a must, and i use guess what the organic citrus weleda deodorant as a light cologne. it's very cheap for a great summer scent!

Want to know more? Follow me on pinterest! What's your current summer obsessions? Pray tell!

-Vic from TeaButterfly.

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