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vendredi 30 mars 2012

Sharing My Happiness

Hello Lovelies!

flower photo from a French organic cosmetics company... I hope I'll remember their name!

Today I sent this email...

"The GON (Get Organized Now) happiness project - I'm quite HAPPY to share my thoughts with you!
My name is Vic and I live in beautiful South of France, Europe.

1) Five Happy Moments

* well I'm in love right now, so i feel very happy every day!

* but the small things matter, too: good music, fresh flowers etc...

* when learning something new

* when travelling to a new and interesting place

* this one is for future surprises!

* * * * *

2) Small Doses of Happiness

I drink water! when hydrated properly, i get less to no-headaches, and feel less grumpiness

i listen to good music, whether upbeat ou smooth, depending to my mood

i have fresh flowers every week from the farmers' market

i raise my eyes and watch frequently the sky, the moon, the clouds

* * * * *

photo via

3) Putting Yourself Back Together

i don't put pressure on myself to be happy again

i smell essential oils from the bottle : try oils of litsea cubeba and citrus aurantium aurantium

i drink strong tea

* * * * *

4) Three Inspirational People

my boyfriend, because he's so young yet so mature. he amazes me everyday.

albert Einstein for his inspirating life and witty quotes

Phineas Newborn Junior, the underrated jazz pianist.. he was a genius!

* * * * *

5) Top Ten Things

writing in my blog with no pressure to do it everyday

fresh flowers: looking at them arranging them smelling them etc..

snap photos with my mobile phone

flickr and pinterest as new ways to doiscover interesting visual things

DIY projects that i can actually complete

essential oils and aromatherapy

going to my weeky yoga class


anything that involves water: washing my body/swimming/bathing

walking a daily walk

for further information:

my flickr

my pinterest

my blog


I hope you enjoyed it!
-Vic from TeaButterfly

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