mercredi 27 février 2013

Beauty tips from a French gal: Spring Essentials

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry, I've been hibernating of late... But hooray, Spring is just around the corner!

Let's check out a few Spring Essentials here, then I'll share my organic beauty tips with you.

So what is essential in Spring, beautywise? The light changes, the weather is warmer... You will need:

Protection form the Sun. Go mineral!

Lighter shades of makeup (think of Rose lipstick, instead of Bright Red shades you might use in Winter).

such as this one:

rich raspberry lipstick, from ELF minerals. via pinterest

Essential Oils mix against spring allergies (hay fever).

Lots of bright pinks and corals in your wardrobe and makeup. Think of this beautiful illustration by Chris Chun, via pinterest:

Perhaps a new fragrance, too? I love L'eau de Chloé's.

learn more here.

And most important of all, spring clean your bathroom! Toss all the oldies! Reclaim your space. Try this.

Pssst! Last edit: I also love Jane's beauty advice for Spring.


Naomi of TeaButerfly.

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