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mercredi 12 juin 2013

The Beauty of the Letterpress

Hello Lovelies!

I recently posted the following blogpost on my design/home decor blog (you can read the original post here), but thought I should really share it here, too!

Please read below, a new update awaits you at the end of this blogpost.

logo_beautylettrepressthe Beauty of the Letterpress logo.

After reading this blog post over at "how about orange" (a fave blog of mine), I decided it was really worth donating a little dough in order to help the Hamilton Type Museum. You can donate as little as 5 dollars and get a nice letterpress postcard for your contribution to the project. 100% of your contribution goes to help the Hamilton Type Museum.

More details here and on the "Beauty of the Letterpress" contribution page.

Since the "Beauty of the Letterpress" is a fairly new site, I am now off to explore all the goodies the printers and artists have to offer over there!

 image, my own. taken from my flickr "Beauty of the Letterpress" image set

[Edit: I am now so, so happy to report that the lovely letterpress print, a limited edition of "The Beauty of the Letterpress" pictured above has safely arrived to my mailbox. It now adorns my home office desk. *Swoon* will post pictures soon here on this blog and on my flickr "Beauty of the Letterpress" image set. You can also check out this other set of mine about interesting type & fonts as well as the "Interesting Type Face" set.]

For more visual inspiration, check out my "Type Love" pinboard.


-Naomi of TeaButterfly.

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