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mardi 30 juillet 2013

Where there is LIfe, there is Hope: the Hardest Truth to Tell.

Hello Lovelies,

I'm Naomi (aka Vic) Lipson, and a 41 yrs old recovering victim of child abuse. This is me today, looking at you straight in the eye, unapologetically glancing back at life, and YES, softly smiling - I love this selfie, taken jsut a few days ago:

I'm alive and well. 

I'm into "Fem Power" (see the Feminine Power FaceBook page) for E, D & A reasons! 

E stands for "Experiencing the intimacy you desire in the relationships in your life" - this is difficult of course for any victim of sexual abuse, in infancy and adulthood alike. 

D stands for " Infusing your life with meaning and purpose" - when your very own parents actively hate you and want you dead since your in utero state, it's hard to make any sense out of this life of absurd happennings and endless pain. 

Finally A - a little hope here - stands for: "Expressing your deepest gifts " this is my ultimate goal in life, after my full recovery is achieved. A few of the gifts I have already expressed in life: speaking fluently 5 languages, dancing, swimming in an athletic way, singing (lyrical soprano), acting, both in film and in theatre play, being a digitally published author, being an artist with multiple solo exhibitions etc... The last time I expressed anything was... 10 yrs ago, it's more than time to find again the path to my true, deep self.

This is me then, trying to escape from the steel motherly hand crushing me:


PS: I'm well most of the time and when I'm not so well, I sing out loud this song:

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