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dimanche 16 mai 2010

The Butterfly Alphabet

Hello Lovelies!

I'm so sorry to have been away from this blog! Puff! I suddenly disappeared!

What happened is that i got very very very ill. But i don't want you and me to get depressed about that. Let me just tell you I feel better already and that i'll do my best to be back online and post as often as possible.

The last post I had in mind last time i logged in here was about the amazing story of the Butterfly Alphabet.

One crazy scientist and nature photographer, whose name i'll find for you later through Google, once noticed a perfectly formed letter "F" on a butterfly's wing he was studying. The scientist' name is Kjell Sandved, by the way.

Kjell then began wondering, if a perfect "F" exists, why not look for an "A" and a "B" and a "C", etc...? And so he set sail around the world for over 25 years and the whole magnificent alphabet he found on butterflies' wings.

And then he wondered about numbers. And he found the arabic numbers from 0 to 9, perfectly visible on butterflies wings!

Such are the wonders of nature...


now i'm off to find you links, and pictures and the name of this scientist...
Kjell's story, as well as beautiful posters of the Butterfly Alphabet can be found here.

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