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mercredi 28 avril 2010

New Tea Drawing and Other Musings

Hello Lovelies!

Don't you just love graceful dragonflies? And still steaming tea just brings peace of mind, don't you think?...

I'm happy to announce that a new "Tea with Dragonfly" drawing is ready to be added to my Etsy shop! i just need to take additional photographs of it to put it online for sale.

So here's my new piece... Mmmh, there's something wrong with blogger and i just can't upload it... You can see it on flickr though, right here. Until I fix things!

Fixed ! Here it is :

My new piece of art has the same setting as the tea scene pictured above, except it's a "Tea Scene in Blue, Orange and Green".


1 commentaire:

L'Accent Nou - creative projects a dit…

Hola! Nice to meet you, Vic! I love tea and Japan as well :) Tenemos algo en común ;) Me gusta tu trabajo :) Te deseo mucho éxito!
Nos veremos por aquí ;)