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mercredi 7 avril 2010

Wednesday Faves: Showpony

Hello lovelies!

photo and purse by "showpony"

I hope you all had a great Ester week-end!

I feel restored myself, and can feel my creative juices flowing! It's a good thing, since my Etsy shop opens officially... tomorrow! Be prepared for some nice surprises for readers of this blog!

Today I wanted to start a new series right here, right now: following Scoutie Girl's suggestion, I mean to introduce you to a new favorite Etsy shop of mine each and every Wednesday.

So without further ado, I'll tell you about "showpony", a great shop run by Emma Henderson from Glasgow, Scotland. The truth be told, I discovered this shop only today, but I'm already smitten. I'm not good with textiles, so people who are fascinate me! Emma of "showpony" stamps and prints on canvas bags and other textiles.

And then... I discovered beautiful insects in Emma's shop! So this is definitely a fave for me: "Lavender Bugs gift set", a set of two wonderful lavender sachets with bugs printed on them. My fave pattern is this one:

photo by "showpony"

You can also follow the lovely Emma in these nice places:



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The Artists House a dit…

I love showpony too. I featured her just recently on my blog when I wrote about loving bugs.