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vendredi 23 avril 2010

Tea with

Hello lovelies!

Sorry For Not Blogging much this week! But I have reasons... Sometimes an artist can simply feel tired or blue (or both)...

Fortunately, I have visited the infamous blog, and I've found plenty of inspiration there!

First, I sat down for a nice cup of tea, of course...

Then, I had a look at all those fab ateliers and artists' studios. I don't have one at the moment, only a table that doubles as my computer desk. But look for yourself:

Then, they were beautiful still lives of drawing material:

The blogger behind "jjjjound" has been strangely obsessed with bicycles lately...

I'm more into art and melancholy...

though I'm not letting that dark cloud invade my soul...

and make me say "I hate everybody" !

I'd rather look at the marvels of nature...

and simply... go back to drawing! Let's grab a blank page and doodle away!

or get into the thick of it and paint!

Talk soon,


image source: all images from the jjjjound blog!

btw, I just found out that I'm 59% geek. This comes as no surprise, though.
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