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jeudi 8 avril 2010

My Etsy Shop's Grand Opening: discount + giveaway!

Hello Lovelies!

I've worked hard and today is the BIG day: it's my official Grand Opening of my first ever etsy shop!

First, let me show you a short video showcasing my recent work:

You get the idea: i just *love* to draw insects, and tea scenes, in a half-surrealistic, half-Japanese way!

And now to the gifts i have for you, my faithful readers:

  • first, a 30% discount on any purchase made in my shop from now on and for the entire week (ends on next Thursday, April the 15th at 4PM Paris, Europe Time. Just enter the discount code: "OPEN30" in your message to the seller.
  • second, I offer an insect drawing as a give-away for not one but two readers. Meaning two readers will receive one drawing each. Just leave a comment below about your favorite item in my shop! The two winners will be picked randomly through some online randomizer. 
The giveaway drawings are called "Clones" and "Imaginarium".Just click on the inks to view the drawings in my flickr photostream.

Have a great day, everyone!
I know *I* am excited about this!


5 commentaires:

anka a dit…

Your drawings look really cute. Good luck with the shop.

TeaButterfly a dit…

thank you anka!

Kayleigh Bluck a dit…

I want to start an etsy shop but don't have the courage just yet! Hope it goes well :)

Frances F. a dit…

I'm delighted to discover this second blog! I'm going to see your creations! But I am sure to love, tea, japan, these insects surreal!

Océane (des souliers, je n'arrive pas à laisser de link ici ^^)

Moukmouk a dit…

Un grognement d'ours ça va ?