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vendredi 2 avril 2010

Time For Play – no work allowed!

Hello Lovelies!

 this original photograph was taken by me - all rights reserved.

Just like Holly from the lovely decor8 blog said today : this week-end is "time for play – no work allowed!" - I like that!

I plan to draw and doodle my heart away (that's not work, that's love, kids!) and also play the game of the TAO with friends on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday there will be a visit to "Fontaine de Vaucluse", in the great South of France (Europe), to come and see an usual source that springs only once a year, during this period of time! A very misty fountain it is, and I'm sure I'll enjoy the trip to it!

What lovely things will you be doing this Easter week-end? Relax? Gather with friends and family perhaps? Do tell!


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