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mercredi 29 septembre 2010

Telling Certain Things...

Hello Lovelies !

 "A Disappeareance Print" by "swanbones"

I'm so glad I feel good enough today so I can write to you, awesome followers of this blog and explain a bit why I'm not writing/creating more often. It seems ilike I have disappeared in some frightening Victorian Wonderland, like in the beautiful picture above, by one of my favorite (and now a featured) Etsy artist, "swanbones".

Truth is, it is difficult to tell about certain personal things. Like undergoing a serious illness. Or having a broken heart. Or experiencing loss and mourning. Or all of these at once.

I'm sure Dominique Browning would know how to tell you about these things. And Maira Kalman, would certainly tell/draw about it perfectly. But I'm just me, trying to find the right words... heartfelt words.

So here goes: I'm undergoing a serious, non life-threatening (but still) illness. It cannot be cured, but it can be "stabilized" enough with the right care and medicine, so that I can live a so-called "normal", let's say, "satisfying" life.

I've been very ill through all of September. And I've been waiting this whole month for a place in hospital for me. So now the time has come, and I'll be finally be able to rest and find a better treatment for my illnesss during this month of October.

I'm taking my beloved watercolors and special Japanese paper with me, so you'll get to see doodles and maybe even complete drawings when I return.

It might look like I've disappeared from the blogosphere and the Net for a while, but I'll return for the best!

Wish me luck,

Vic from TeaButterfly

5 commentaires:

Jane Flanagan a dit…

Dearest Vic, I'm so sorry you have to go through all this. I look forward to your return and hope you're feeling much better when you get back. Will be thinking of you!


TeaButterfly a dit…

Thanks for the warm wishes Jane, you're a sweetie!


Anonyme a dit…

Best wishes and get well soon! I'll think about you...

TeaButterfly a dit…

Merci Eve ! ;-)

It's gonna feel good to rest at last!


Anny a dit…

Prends bien soin de toi! Parfois, la vie nous fait prendre des détours inattendus... mais j'espère que tout ira mieux bientôt pour toi.
Reposes-toi bien,