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vendredi 29 avril 2011

Oh, and Happy, Happy, Friday!

Hello Lovelies!

This week has been good to me, as I got back on track on the art front (I have an oil painting up my sleeve), the blogging front, (right here of course!) and on reading two blogo-neighborhood favorites of mine : Jane Flanagan's beautifully balanced "Ill seen Ill said" blog, (Jane, I'm happy to say, just launched a beautiful shop called "Coterie") and Dominique's Browning's "Slow Love Life", who is so well written and thought-challenging.

On the butterflies side of thing, I have found this amazing fabric hung in the Black+Spirop window:

 via the ABT blog

I like the vibrant, almost 'gone wild with colors' style of this fabric and this photograph as a whole.

Also of note is Amy and David Butler's house tour on AT. Turns out Amy has a cabinet of curiosities, filled with dried butterflies and found shells... Simply lovely! Just see for yourself:

photo by David Butler

Have a swell week-end everyone!
-Vic from TeaButterfly.

1 commentaire:

Jane Flanagan a dit…

Thank you for the lovely mention! I'm so glad you like Coterie! xx