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mardi 4 octobre 2011

My Mighty Life List - Part II

Hello Lovelies!

Let's daydream! Here's another quarter of my life big wishlist:

26 go night swimmin
27 own an original painting by an artist I admire : Peter Hammar (see my fave AT house tour)
28 Go swimming in a lake
29 Seriously edit my stuff
30 have an art studio of my own (separate from home), a place shared with other artists at first
31 while in the States, attend a TED lecture
32 thrive as an artist
33 have a lemon tree in my backyard
34 write thank you note to my Latin, Greek and French teacher, Mrs C.
35 complete a « » mission -
36 Do one of Miranda July's projects
37 properly classify family photos in albums – so the memories last

image from decor8 
38 make my own perfume
39 have tea and cake at the legendary « le loir dans la théière » teahouse in Paris
photo by chocoladdict

40 visit Lisbon, Portugal, hometown of the famous poet, Fernando Pessoa
image via flickr
41 learn ceramics basics from a Japanese master in rural Japan, maybe in Shigaraki (
42 have a heavy silk dress made to measure especially for me
43 see Emma Kirkby perform live
44 learn to play the cello
45 visit the Calanques, Marseilles, France
46 have a clean and organized closet
47 make homemade preserves regularly (esp. Pickles)
48 visit Fire Island
49 find that dream St-Germain-des-Prés apartment (no need to buy it)
50 visit New England in the fall – and say hello to my friend C. B.

What about you?

-Vic from TeaButterfly

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Anonyme a dit…

Hi Vic,

I love your life list! You've inspired me to revisit mine, possibly share it:)