lundi 3 octobre 2011

My Mighty Life List - Part I

Hello Lovelies!

image source : decor8 blog by holly Becker

I wish you a happy Monday, and I hope you had a swell weekend. I spent mine by the sea, it was just great swimming and sailing again!

photo found on - I wish I knew who the photographer is!

Now, I've first heard of a project callled, "My Mighty Life List: 100 things to do before I go" through the French novelist Geroges Perec (who wrote his 50 items' list in form of a poem) But who knows who had the original idea? It is such a great idea it sounds universal.

I just stumbled upon it again via sfgirlbybay and mightygirl.

Here's what I jotted down so far:

1 read my entire 'ABC Challenge' list by sept 2012
2 continue with my regular yoga practice
3 write/finish my novel

drawing found on a Japanese website., I think.

4 meet Keri Smith
5 help others by recording audio-books for the blind
6 go on an air balloon ride (montgolfière) with R

balloon by Fornassetti

7 regain energy for good
8 go back to my own thin self (and keep the extra weight off) before i'm forty
9 find a job I really like
10 visit Barcelona, Spain again
11 never look back and have no regrets
12 Dance in a flash mob
13 own a small house by the sea
14 age gracefully
15 take photos of self in photo booth
16 have my portrait made by Studio Harcourt
17 finally learn to speak Arabic and pre-war German
18 learn to organize finances and save
19 go sailing on my own again
20 visit San Francisco (and the States for that matter) for the first time
21 tend properly to my 'all white flowers' mountain garden
22 listen to the radio more often
23 find proper storage for my Cds so i actually listen to them
24 make a short movie
25 learn simple sewing skills

What about you? Do you crave a mighty life, too?

-Vic from TeaButterfly

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Anny a dit…

Super ta liste!!
çà m'inspire à faire la mienne....
Bonne chance!