mercredi 5 décembre 2012

Beauty Secrets of A French Gal - Fall Essentials

Hello Lovelies!

image of fall, my own

You might remember my beauty secrets for the summertime, all with a French twist... I like to gather my Essential tips for each season on a pinterest board, and frankly my Fall Essentials board on pinterest is one of my faves! You might want to start there...

 "I love fall" - image via

Or you might want to read my new tips for fall, right here on this blog. Here goes:

After sun moisture is key in this Autumn season...
I recommend you use jojoba oil, as one or two drops are enough for your face and neck. Plus jojoba oil suits the need of most skins (both dry and oily) and can also be applied overnight on your hair as a moisturizing treatment. Just shampoo your hair in the morning and... voilà !

essential oils that work well for oily skin (use with caution) - image my own

"Back to school" also means back to basics, including in your beauty regimen. Don't forget to gently cleanse your skin then apply some moisturizing oil. I have an oily skin care regimen (using petit grain essential oil) detailed in French over at
my French blog, if you wish.

Fall is also the right time to take better care of your nails. Simply massage them with some shea butter.

To me, Fall also means buying a new bra, and some new rachel unger jewelry (check out her Etsy shop) like a dainty stone bracelet. What about you? Any tips?

My Winter tips coming soon! As always, enjoy!

Naomi of TeaButterfly

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