samedi 1 décembre 2012

A Small Blog Update

Hello Lovelies,

 dreams - via pinterest

I haven't published anything here in a while, wasn't feeling so well, but wanted to keep you lovelies posted.

Today, I have finally joined the google+ communtity, making it easier for you to share and like my content. Come join in the fun! All the google+ gadgets are on the far right column of this blog.

selfportrait, me smiling at last!

I also added a new profile picture of me, smiling at last! see above.

I also intend to share with you very soon my fall & winter essentials (from my French beauty tips series), the process of me drawing  and some new drawing and paintings. Stay tuned!

image by Stuart Wilson, check out his design blog!

And by the way, Hello December!

Naomi of TeaButterfly

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