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mercredi 23 octobre 2013

Back to Paris

Hello Lovelies,

 Paris view at dusk - source unknown.

And so... I've moved back. To Paris, I mean.

I've left Paris, France exactly 20 years ago. Yes, I've decided for some time ago that I wanted to leave the small town in the South of France I was living in, simply because I've outgrown it and it no longer fitted the size of my (big) dreams.

 a jar full of dreams - image source unknownFirst, I thought of Avignon, a bigger city in the same Southern French area. But then I stumbled upon an unexpected job opportunity that was too good to decline. The only condition was to move back to Paris - and so I did.

The lesson learned in this is the one stated on this poster:

a better dream poster - source unknown

And here I am, strolling down the Parisian streets again, between now and then - which is the FMS photo-a-day challenge theme for October the 21st, btw -  sometimes feeling down memory lane but very often enjoying the beauty of the moment.

We're having a really warm Fall 'round here, and the weather was glorious yesterday on the Opera house (image coming soon).

I'm still settling down, but this is what home looks like now (image coming soon). Life's good when this is what you see from your window:

Image, my own. 

The picture above was taken a few years back, I'll upload a more recent version of it real soon. So, this is what my new room in Paris looks like, for the time being:

Image, my own.

...not bad, hey?!

Now, just my heroine Josephine Baker, I can sing out loud: "Me revoilà, Paris !" (Here I Am Back, Paris!).

Enjoy & wish me luck with making my dreams come true!

Alix of TeaButterfly

1 commentaire:

Ana Krum a dit…

Yay, Alix! I'm so happy for you. Your view and your room are fantastic, just the kind of thing you don't see where I live.

I have a friend who is visiting Paris right now and I can see the sun and the people sitting on the grass. Lovely! Enjoy the great weather.

Life sometimes makes a turn to head us somewhere different. Just follow your dreams, dear!

Take care!