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lundi 14 octobre 2013

My List of Fave Books to Re-Read

Hello Lovelies,

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After reading Jane's recent blogpost, I started asking myself (all over again): 

Maybe as bloggers, we could find a place to post a list of our one-per-year necessary re-reads?
Mine include, in no particular order:

"Lullaby" JMG Le Clézio.
"Voyage autour de ma chambre" Xavier de Maistre.
"Fictions" Jorge Borges.
One tome by Julien Green, and a short story by Roald Dahl.

Illustration from the Briar Press free images bank. Governed by a Creative Commons license. 

But also:
"Divisadero" Michael Ondaatje
"The Rings of Saturn" WG Sebald
"Le Rivage des Syrtes" Julien Gracq (translated unto "The Opposing Shore" for English-speaking readers)
A hard-boiled detective story by Dashiel Hammett and/or Jim Thompson

What are your fave books to re-read on a regular basis?

In closing: that's a recent image of me with of pile of my fave books in the background, the painting is also by me ("Untitled", oil on canvas, circa 1997).

Today's post is inspired by Jane's blogpost - please read it here. Enjoy!

Alix of TeaButterfly.


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