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lundi 26 mai 2014

Tea with... Jim Jarmusch

Hello Lovelies!
You all know by now just how much I love tea but maybe you don't know enough about my love for indie movies. Oh yeah, I'm a crazy cinephile. And Jim sounds like a terrific guy to have tea with! 

So below is a crazy dialogue about tea/coffee and the like that is taken from one of his movies, one that started as student project in 1983, and ended up as a full length feature in 2003. Enjoy your caffeine guys!

image source: Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) 
GZA: Want some tea?

RZA: Yea, splash me.

GZA: It's all herbals, man. No caffeine.

RZA: That's what I'm talking about. No caffeine. Caffeine is ridiculous right now, man.

GZA: Tell me about it.

RZA: Caffeine leads to depression, makes you all irritable, have your heart beating fast. Faster heart rate, you know what I mean? And worse than anything, you drink that coffee, it gives you the shits, you know what I mean? So I try to stay away from that.

GZA: I'm off that shit, anyway.

RZA: Crisp and clean. No caffeine.


Alix from TeaButterfly.


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