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lundi 26 mai 2014

While Trying to Disappear

Hello Lovelies,

print by Olivia Jeffries, can be purchased here.

I stumbled upon a very ironic fact today: a few years back I had a crush on Olivia Jeffries' images and bought a work from her. It was called "Trying to Disappear".

Which is exactly what I've been busy doing since last november. Disappear. Not only from the internet, but IRL, too. I just don't want to be found by memebers of a family that I've discovered to be very toxic to me.

So I've disappeared quite successfully so far (but it's something that has to work on the long run, too). I just find it highly ironic that a few years back, when I was absolutely naive about the toxic qualities of my family, I was already... "trying to disappear", through the purchase of this beautiful print (see above).

Alix of TeaButterfly.

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