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jeudi 9 décembre 2010

Marvelous, Snowy Paris


Oh I almost forgot, my lovelies!

I also spent 10 days in Paris! It was magical under the falling snow... And so was the nearby countryside...

Here's the bride (my little sister) in her diminutive white dress I mentioned yesterday.

I also ate a part of this wedding cake (amazing, huh? consider that each and *every* little bun is filled with cream...)

I took pictures, just like my paparazzi brother (and really talented photographer).

I had my hair cut short and took a bunch of "glamour" pictures in the mirror, just for the fun of it.

I also celebrated my nephew's fifth birthday on December the 2nd. The candles read his name, simple idea, but brilliant. His cake was made of a pile of real Belgian waffles, brought back straight from Belgium by his travelling father. Cute, I say.

Had a "chocolat viennois" (that's a hot chocolate beverage with whipped cream topping) at an Art Deco café with my best friend.

The "Le Zeyer" café amazing Art Déco roof and lamps...

Enjoyed a Haendel opera. And cried.

Went to see the ceramic work of a pretty incredible 400 years' old dynasty of Korean masters who came to Japan, the CHIN family. I have no words for their craftmanship. I snapped a couple of pictures of their more simple, understated work:

A simple Korean bowl

White crackeled vase with a decor of orchids.

Otherwise, the exhibition was filled with golden dragons, lions and phenixes... not much to my Mingei (zen, local, low-key) taste.

 The Petit Palais Museum's round interior garden.

Also went to the Petit Palais Museum (with its pretty round interior garden, under the snow again) and discovered quite a master in the rendering of light. The Italian impressionist Giuseppe de Nittis. Oh my!

 Snowy entrance to the Petit Palais Museum.

So Paris was a feast of all the senses as usual, and my sister's marriage came as a climax of family gathering, and general peace, joy and warmth... ;-)

Last but not least, it was also nice to come home to find my comfy sofa and nicest, sweetest cat ever, just waiting for me...

I will be back tomorrow with more buterfflies news, so in the meantime... enjoy!

Vic from TeaButterfly.

PS: And tea-wise? I drank a lot of Japanese genmaĩcha... ;-)))

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