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lundi 13 décembre 2010

Monday Mood: Iridescent Grey!

Hello Lovelies!

 image found via the jjjjound blog

Did you know? Even the otherwise colorful Miro drew in grey sometimes! But more on that later...

First, let me ask you if you had a great weekend! I hope so! I didn't shop for gifts but curled up on my sofa and watched the great movie "Lola" by Jacques Demy.

Now I'm singing all the time:

"C'est moi... c'est moi Lola !
Celle qui rit à tout propos,
Celle qui dit : "l'amour c'est beau..."

You can view a subtitled excerpt of that great movie on youtube, right here. Really worth watching, even if it's just the trailer...

"Winter sun" by Vic Lipson. (c) 2010.

And this sunny (at least where I live) Monday? I'm in the mood for grey/gray.

Like on this iridescent butterfly's wings:

or these matte Whitney Smith's vessels:

grey can be silvery, too, and become a seasons' decor! silvery it becomes a mirror and reflects light... lovely!

Grey can become a great outfit for winter...

photo by Kamel Lahmadi from

...or that perfect summer grey street style outfit in the wonderful grey capital that is Paris.

Grey is great for drawings....

And a soft yellow can nicely compliment the pattern...

Black and grey adorn the most handsome men in town...

Grey can express love and tenderness... (photo via the blog)

Jane's Flanagan Furla grey bag (I just love Jane and her great blog, ill seen, ill said):

photo from this blog.

Grey is great for depicting ghosts, of course! (photo by Rodney Smith).

Michelle's twin grey paintings (via apartment therapy)

Find the perfect grey paint, wallpaper, or cushion for your home and peruse "greige" , too ! I love grey!

Grey can be rusty and weathered : see jelens' diptych and Susan Wolfe's bench with lichens...

So... Iridescent, matte, greige, on leather, a canvas or on a butterfly's wings, which is your favorite grey?

Vic from TeaButterfly.

PS: I'm trying my best to locate the actual owners of the pictures used here. Please let me if a photo is yours and I'll be happy to oblige and add your name.

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Susan a dit…

Great homage to a great range of neutral. A very pleasurable scroll.
Thanks for linking to me.