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dimanche 21 avril 2013

How To Hang Artwork - My Personal Ongoing Project

Hello Lovelies,

I have briefly mentioned on my previous post that I wanted to hang a big, bold artwork, probably this oil painting of mine, above my couch in the living-room:

Oil painting by Naomi Lipson. All rights reserved.

While I see a lot of thin shelving options around the internet, just like this example:

I find it will be best for displaying smaller pictures in my hallway.

Above the living-room couch, I'd rather go for a museum or gallery-like way of hanging art. like this:

 image from

In order to make a bold statement, like this example found in Lonny magazine:

image source: Lonny Magazine Jul/Aug 2011 | Photography by Patrick Cline; Interior Design by Lauren Gold
For more big, bold art, see the pinterest board I created on the subject.


-Naomi of TeaButterfly.

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