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lundi 22 avril 2013

Why Not? (Part 2)

Hello Lovelies!

photo, my own.

I promise, this is the last post I write here before I'm leaving for a month for a much-needed rest. But I am passionate about design, and I have a rather intense relationship inth my interior, so I couldn't help myself and just wrote this follow-up piece, after writing "Why Not? (Part 1)".

So, as i said before, my living-room has pretty good, classical French bones.

Among things I already have are:

A greyish/navy couch
A floor lamp from Habitat (with white lampshade that may need to be changed)
Accent pillows as shown below (image from laredoute catalog):

A chenille IKEA throw in chartreuse green (one of my fave colors).
Three nesting vintage IKEA coffe tables, with a thin black frame and a thick glass top (they were bought by a Swedish friend in the 60's).
Two classical French wooden narrow armchairs facing the couch, with pop red pillows on them (my cat loves to sleep there).

instagram photo, my own.

I set up a nice nook in the living-room that serves as a home office, together with a French vintage wooden desk, a vintage metallic desk lamp, and nice wooden shelving above desk.My fave element there is my vintage black dial phone, that still works (pictured above)!

Things I want/need in order to add warmth to the room and pull it all together:

A pratical, gallery-like hanging system for my oversized artwork, to be hanged behind couch.
Painting the black frame of my nesting tables a light shade of grey (I love the color called Elephant's Breath by Farrow&Ball).
Adding an area rug in front of couch (I have frankly no idea were to begin to search for that rug... Any ideas? I love these Nicola Cerini rugs, but they are made in Australia, not even sure they ship to France... IKEA... well frankly, it seems like a bland option to me. )

About the home office:
I may need to rethink the way it is organized (do i have enough storage?) and decorated (how about a personal, DIY inspiration board?)
I definitely need a more comfortable desk chair.
And a new mousepad, too. I would love a bigger, sleeker computer screen.

Finally, adding the right window treatment over my pair of French windows. I want something simple, organic, white, sheer... With maybe just a little hint of a pattern... I need it to be catclaws-proof, too! Again, if any of you has any good ideas... I am all ears! Thank you!

When I'm back, I will post photos of my living-room as it is today ( the "Before" picture) and I will hopefully be able to post a decent "After" photo in a few months from now. Then, I'll move on to tackle the kitchen, the entryway, the bedroom and the bathroom. Still a long way to go, but gosh, am I enjoying the process!

I hope you enjoy reading about it, too!

Oh... Wait! Did I just sound like an awful pinterest fan that only thinks of gigantic shopping lists? Oh, my! This is not me. I don't really intend to buy all of these things, at least not all at once. What I really aim for is making my home a place for my dreams to come true.

-Naomi of TeaButterfly.

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