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mardi 21 mai 2013

Daily Dose of Flowers: my Spring 2013 Photo Project

Hello Lovelies!

Ralph Waldo Emerson's spring quote via this pin on pinterest

All the following instagrams photos are my own. Lipson (c) 2013. Please use with permission.

"Roses en enfilade"

"Bouquet composé d'une branche de seringa*, un iris bleu et fleurs de marronnier roses"

Note: *Seringa - or seringat - is my fave flower. It smells wonderful, a mix of orange blossom and jasmine. Seringa is the French name of the mock-orange shrub, aka in Latin as Philadelphus.

Untitled, may 2013

My comment on this untitled photo: The #daily dose of #pale #pink #roses from me to you, an ongoing #project through #springtime #spring Today, I also found a half-broken #blue #iris so I broke it off altogether and added it to the #bouquet #white #photo taken on May the 5th #2013  

"Fleurs à contre-jour"

This is #day 2 of the #daily #pale #pink #roses #rose #project 

untitled (closed peonies)

And in closing, let me add this quote:

 via this pin on pinterest

See more flowers at my Daily Dose of flowers flickr photo set and check out "Horticultural Art"'s photostream here. it's worth a look!

Enjoy Spring wherever you are!

-Naomi of TeaButterfly.

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