jeudi 30 mai 2013

On My WishList for June 2013: "Simplify your day" Zen Habits Program

Hello Lovelies!

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Another post about my ongoing Simplicity Project. First I read this post about "9 rules for a simpler day". Then I read about next month's challenge. And I am...

this challenge!

Right now, this is very high on my wishlist for June 2013: I want to take part in the Zen Habits Program that will focus next month on "Simplifying your day". Excerpt from the Zen Habits site:

The Zen Habits Sea Change Program

  • Stop procrastinating [January]
  • Eat healthier [February]
  • Meditate [March]
  • Exercise [April]
  • Write daily [May]
  • Simplify your day [June]
  • Get organized [July]
  • Declutter [August]
  • Be grateful [September]
  • Reduce/eliminate debt [October]
  • Read more [November]
  • Let go [December]
Subscription is 10 dollars/month. 
Full details here :


-Naomi of TeaButerfly.

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