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jeudi 23 mai 2013

How to Live a Simpler Life


Hello Lovelies,

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I just spent three weeks in hospital and I am finally outta there and feeling good! My stay at the hospital was put to good use, not only to take of my health, but also to take time & reflect about life's essentials, about my own wants, needs and real priorities. Voluntary Simplicity has always been important to me, I am drawn to it, I crave a simpler life but it is not always easy to achieve as we all live in a consumers' society that distracts us from the essentials of life.

That is why I created a few (more than 5, but less than 10) boards on pinterest about simplicity, and the essentials, sorted by season: fall essentials, winter essentials, spring essentials & summer essentials. In addition of each season's essentials, I gathered a general visual inspiration about simplicity in the broad sense, and since I am very particular about my home & interior decoration, there is also a board about minimalism at home.

On top of that, I stumbled this mornign about Maria Gracia's weekly GON newsletter, and found this gem of a short, concise & informative article about "How to Live a Simpler Life" spread out in just 11 points. read below (and I highly recommend Maria GRacia's GON website and weekly newsletter!)

"Life doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, our lives can be made a whole lot easier by simplifying. Here's how:

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1) Spend Less

We are bombarded with advertisements tempting us to buy the latest fads and gadgets, and are told they will make our lives better. Before buying into the `more is better' philosophy, stop and think. Ask yourself if the item is something you really need or something you want?

2) Save Your Pennies

A simpler life is one in which you are prepared for life's unexpected surprises and emergencies. Having a savings can turn your life from one of panic, to one of security.

3) Cleaning and Throwing Out

The more stuff we accumulate, the less enjoyment we find in our life. Stuff makes our life complicated. We have to store it, move it, and worry about it being taken from us. It almost becomes an addiction, which robs us of time spent on life's priorities. Start going through your house, room by room, and getting rid of those items you no longer use, care about, nor enjoy.

4) Downsize

You really don't have to keep up with your neighbors, wealthy relatives, or friends. It is OK to drive a less expensive vehicle or live in a modest size home. The less expensive car will still get you from point A to point B, and the modest house will still provide shelter for you and your family. You will be able to spend more time with your family and less time worrying about the car and house payments.

5) Say No

We have commitments to others. Some which are necessary as we raise our families, and others which we do because we feel we should. Saying no to those things that we know we do not have time for is okay. This means saying no to our kids when they want to be involved in every extracurricular activity, or saying no to the neighbor who needs you to watch her children every day. By saying no to some things, we can have the freedom to say yes to things that are more important in our lives.

6) Single Task

We hear all the time that we should be multi-tasking. However, taking the time to do one task at a time can and will simplify our lives. As we focus on one task at a time, we tend to do it well, instead of spreading our attention among several tasks.

7) Evaluate Your Time

Make a list of everything you do in the day that takes up your time. Evaluate how each task fits into your priorities. If a task does not fit living a simpler life, then consider eliminating that task.

8) Develop a Game Plan

Living a simpler life is not easy. This lifestyle requires one to have patience and dedication. Living a simpler life requires that you first figure out what you want out of life, thus creating a game plan. Writing down your desires, thoughts, and plans will help you decide what you can live with and without in your search for a simpler life.

9) Establish a Media Fast

Our lives are bombarded with media, from magazines to daily blog reading. Living a simpler life can be accomplished by limiting our exposure to television, emails, magazines, blogs, social networks, and other electronic sources. Establish a day, a few days, a week, or longer where you take a media break. You will find more time for those things which really matter to you.

10) Do What You Love

Sometimes we have so much stuff and things we think we need to do that we forget about doing those things we enjoy. By living a simpler life, we can free up the time for those things we really enjoy doing. So as we establish a simpler life, be sure and write down what we love to do, then go and do those things we really enjoy.

11) Spend Time With Those You Love

A simpler life gives us the time to reconnect with the people who are important in our lives. As we get rid of the clutter, both things and time stealers, we need to spend our free time with those who matter most in our lives."

Excerpt from Maria Gracia's Get Organized Now newsletter.

(c) Copyright 2012 by Maria Gracia, Get Organized Now! 

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Enjoy a simple, more satisfying life!

-Naomi of TeaButterfly.

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