dimanche 4 août 2013

E-mag inspiration: So Much to See in Rue!

Hello Lovelies,

I am still alive and well! ;-)

I *do* need a break from it all - I have been (and currently still am) street harassed & stalked by weirdo neighbors who think I'm a natural-born victim just because I'm:
a) a woman
b) a loner
c) currently vulnerable health-wise and all
- but... no way!

I am NOT a natural-born victim. I have been the coincidental object of the violent hatred of my own family, and my mother in particular. It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the violent perpatrator of these violent and ongoing crimes.

That being said, right now I'm looking for a nice getaway for next weekend, somewhere near the Ocean (frequent, regular contact with natural scenery, esp. water has always  rejuvenated me).  I may do some couch surfing, but keep being careful of course.

Of course, I *do* crave some quiet time alone right now, as my neighbors as well as my own nightmares (back straight from childhood hell) won't let me rest and sleep at night, but maybe meeting new friends via couch surfing (or the like) could be a refreshing change of scenery (my inner city really sucks during summertime, with those unbearable heatwaves and all).

When I *do* feel refreshed and rejuvenated and my own self (probably for the first time in my whole life - I expect the feeling of being "me" for maybe the first time ever to feel just a little... weird or unexpected), only then will I be able to take the practical steps that will allow me to move to another better, safer place and simply move on with my own life.

So... what is it about Rue mag and home decor inspiration that I wanted to tell you lovelies in the first place? All this domestic violence is distracting me from the actual, beautiful & important things in life... ;-)

On may 7th 2013 - two of my favorite e-magazines released their Spring 2013 issues. If you have a quiet moment today, make sure you check out Rue Magazine’s May/June issue dedicated to Pacific Northwestern design as well as Matchbook’s Mother’s Day issue. Both are filled with beautiful interiors, fashion and inspiring women.

So take a few minutes for yourself, relax and...


Here are a few highlights from this Rue Sping 2013 issue, articles, objects and design ideas that caught my attention - beware this issue is really chock-full of good decor tips & tricks! So:

gift guide for men - "north pacific cool" - page 16

rainy day essentials - page 18

page 46 - hindsvik typewriter for 40 dollars + ethanollie refleix camera for 75 dollars

dark grey inspiration objects : page 48

light grey inspiration objects : page 50

page 54 : bed room inspi dark grey wall + page 62 tips for creating a beautiful bedroom

page 64 : bagels recipes!!! Btw, it seems NYC bagels have finally hit France this summer! Hooray!

page 89 : the big black K letter in a monochromatic minimalistic home + page 97 home office

page 122 : graphic painting above bed + octopus tentacle sculpture

And in closing: a merry mishap (drool-worthy) atelier tour.


Pssst... More e-mags inspiration here: http://pinterest.com/teabutterfly/e-mags/

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