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vendredi 23 août 2013

Things I Like Friday: The Decluttering Edition

Hello Lovelies!

"Softly glowing Japanese paper lamps" - photo, my own. 2013

Today is Friday, and I'd like to share with you a couple of links and highlights of beautiful and/or useful stuff I have found online this week.
I am in the midst of a major decluttering process which you can view and follow here.. It's (not-so) hard work, yes, but mostly, i am having fun doing it! This will give me freedom, and will help a situation like the one I told you lovelies about a year ago LINK and will my moving house (soon) process a breeze.

I am loving simplicity and embracing minimalism in my daily life now because of the sheer happiness & joy it gives me.

 Fall 2011. Photo, my own.

So, what did I find worth a read or a look this week?

Well, through the ZenHabits forum, I have found a new blog called "The Minimalists". I really like their blogposts, the most popular are listed here and Joshua, one of two authors of this blog, has a cool playlist to share with us.

JFM's Top 12 Albums of 2012

I am also very excited by this upcoming Fall season - as end of summer (2011 LINK) and back to school are my fave time of the year!

I have listed a few pros and cons about Fall. Enjoy!

A few cons a friend of mine reminded me on Facebook recently:
too much to do, rushing arounf, being stressed out, mess daylight etc...

But... lots of pros!

The heat is bearable again. It's Indian summer, with its beautiful "golden hour" light still lingering.

My fave designers & artists are showing their new creations. I plan to buy an original painting by Jane Cornwell as soon as I can afford it, to add to my small personal collection. F&B has a new range of paint colours due in September 9th. It's the "rentrée littéraire" in France - hundreds of new books are published between end of August and September each year. I plan to read 1% of it all. This means about 5 new books to read by Halloween (details here).

I am enjoying my end of summer decluttering process so much that  I have decided to make up a new tradition: very year from now on, from august 21st to 31st, it's assessing your own possessions and decluttering time!

"Shadow of a chair". Photo, my own.

Now is also a great time to enjoy the outdoors and take great photographs (I eally like the shadow of a chair I took, shown above). Or you can go visit a city and admire its street sculptures and monuments, like in the pic below:

Or visit local artists' market:

 "Haiku". Photo, my own.

Of course, back to shool is an exciting time for a stationery junkie like me! I just need to carefully write down a wishlist and assess my wants vs. my needs.

image via

There are also plenty of photo-a-day challenges out there from you to choose from, so...


-Alix of TeaButterfly.

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Ana Krum a dit…

Oh we are in plain winter here now and I'm so looking forward for spring! Strange, though, since I used to love winter time.

I love stationery too!!

Take care!