mardi 27 août 2013

[Upcycling] Random Scraps of Paper

Hello Lovelies!

 "La leçon de sagesse" - an ATC I did back in 2009. (c) TeaButterfly.

How are you today? I'm in the midst of a huge decluttering process, in order to make my future moving house project much, much easier. More about that here in this insightful midway simplicity article.

Actually throwing away useless stuff is much more fun than I thought (I used to think of it as of something very, very painful). If you're ready and ripe for it, it is a totally enjoyable process.

"Hope" - an ATC I did back in 2009. (c) TeaButterfly.

So during this process I found lots of paper, of all kinds, around the house. I'm swimming in a sea of paper! And this morning I just thought: "How about making new ATCs with all this paper? indeed!

I just conceived the idea, so the ATCs you see here were done back in 2009, I hope to post new ones, fresh from 2013 here soon.

"For Life" - an ATC I did back in 2009. (c) TeaButterfly.

This is living proof that moving house can be a creative process!


-Alix of TeaButterfly.

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Ana Krum a dit…

Wow, Alix, I had never heard of ATCs before :) great creative idea! Yay!

Have a great day!