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dimanche 1 septembre 2013

Apartment Therapy Style Cure, part II: Fave Things At Home

Hello Lovelies!

Another home decor post here today!

Nate Berkus reminded me of that simple truth, lately: your home decor is all about you, and who you really are.

I found this photo of a room he redecorated for Corin, the producer of his TV show, and it helped me understand the whole idea behind the statement "your home decor should reflect who you are".

image source

So I found great ideas in this photo and its comment on Style at Home, here are the highlights:

"use decor items that reflect who YOU are. the art on the walls is a reminder of where you're from (Californian living in NYC, in this case), as well as plates decorated by the owner's sister (you belong to a family). the decor palette, textures and style is inspired by how the owner dresses. here: lots of navy, black and grey with bold gold accents. And also by her free spirit - rock n' roll! - and designs she likes"

So what would that mean for me?

I know I am a woman raised in the Middle East, now living in France - and I want that reflected on the art I put on my walls. I am a visual artist related to other artists (one brother is a photographer, another is a movie editor-in-chief).

My future decor palette, especially for the bedroom, will reflect the way I dress:
dark grey, pale blueish grey, navy, white with Art Deco inspired sparkling objects in silver. Like these:

Deco necklace / hat / shoes can be found on this Art-Deco inspired board.

AM-PM brand has wonderful and affordable mirrored square end tables that have my name all over them. These mirrored cubes will make great bed sides for my room.Here they are:

Sizes begin at 30X30X30cm, and prices started at 80€ a piece. source

I am attracted to Japanese objects that are sleek and modern in their design. I am also hyper-creative, and I want that variety of artistic interests to be reflected in my decor. Whjat I really like about Japanese objects is the contrast between very clean lines of contemporary design and the well-crafted air of traditional object-making. Though French, I like these ceramics for their "Japanese" feel:

Ceramics I bought this summer from young ceramics artist, Cédric Mataix. photo, my own.

And how about YOU? And YOUR home decor?

-Alix of TeaButterfly

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