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lundi 16 septembre 2013

On My WishList for September 2013: Fashion, Beauty & Home Decor Things I'd Like to Have

Hello Lovelies,

Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for what I already have but these beauties have caught my eyes lately.

A new perfume:

Perfumes from the niche range by l'Arquiste.

Affordable frag samples are available through reliable sites such as LuckyScent or SurrenderToChance. I really want to try both L'Etrog - citrus frag - and Infanta en flor - an orange blossom/jasmin kind of frag.

Things I'd like to wear:

This silhouette is from Caroll (I usually like that classic with a twist brand).

I like the whole outfit and feel i need a zigzag Missoni-inspired loose top, a classic black skirt and thin leather belt. after digging in my wardrobe I found out I already had all these items, or something similar.

I am inspired by this view from the catwalk, a perfect mix of masculine (the fabric) & feminine (the loose cut, the lipstick) for fall 2013:

Jewelry I fancy:
something from Rachel Unger Jewelry, of course - I received myparcel today, YAY! so more on that purchase soon. And this statement piece, spotted earlier this year in a Paris shop's window:

A beauty product or two:
Though I do tend to buy organic skincare and mineral makeup, those versatile lipsticks by Givenchy are a hell of an (expensive) temptation.


Wedge shoes and large tote in greige and black from

A felt wool cloche hat: (photo coming soon).

And a new pair of shoes! (photo coming soon).

A dramatic pendant light for my living room: (photo coming soon).

...and contemporary art by Jane Cornwell to proudly display in my entryway: (photo coming soon).

Would you care to share any important addition to your wishlist, lately?

Alix of TeaButterfly.

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