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mercredi 27 août 2014

Another Visual Obsession: Artists At Work

Hello Lovelies!

Anonymous artist's studio

"Artists At Work" is the title of a book of photographies by David Seidner that Ireally love. It's also the theme of a visual obsession I had lately: collecting pictures of artists and their studios/workshops, close-ups of canvases and brushes, etc... Maybe the fact that I have been a bit creatively stuck can explain my current fascination with the theme.

Anyway, here are a few faves on the subject:

 Recent view of Lisa Congdon's studio

  Playing with paint at Sandra Juto's house 

 Last page from a manuscript by William Styron, or the writer at work, via tumblr

A Scandinavian studio, via tumblr

 Playful abstract art on the walls of a Brazilian home

And don't even get me strated on the subject of home offices! Here's just one, a great one from Paris:


Alix of TeaButterfly.

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