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jeudi 28 août 2014

Bugs Alert! Awesome Insect Macro Photography

Hello Lovelies!

Tumblr blogs can be a never-ending source of inspiration, especially when their owners do remember to give credit when credit's due!

I jus found out, via the "This isn't happiness" tumblr blog, about an artist, Yudy Sauw, who takes macro photographs of insects' eyes... Stunning!

 All macro photographs by Yudy Sauw

I'm sure these will become inspiration for future drawings by yours truly. In the meantime, enjoy the composition and the amazing colors!

Fun fact:

Many insect-pollinated flowers contain ultraviolet pigments that only their pollinating insects (and perhaps birds) can see. Many flowers are more strikingly coloured in the UV than in the visible spectrum. Furthermore, markings, visible only in the UV, act as taxi markers to guide the landed insects to the pollen and nectar food rewards.


Alix of TeaButterfly.

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