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mercredi 27 août 2014

New Visual Obsession: Falling Raindrops

Hello Lovelies,

image source: tumblr

As you may know, I'm a highly visual person. My mind/eye connection work in a peculiar way - maybe it's the same for other visually-trained creatives, or maybe it's just me, but I tend to see things in recurring patterns, that i call my (visual) obsessions. An obsession is a visual pattern that currently interests me and that I tend to see everywhere I look at a given moment. After the while, the novelty of it wears off, and I move on to the next obsession. Some obsessions remain with me at all times, they're my core obsessions.

Anyway, I've been subscribing to a lot of tumblr blogs lately, perusing litterally thousands of images, and connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated images - my fave kind of intellectual sport. A pattern that has stood out was the one showing raindrops fallung,n be it in animated gifs or otherwise.

Here are a few favorites:

Literature-inspired graphic poster by Evan Robertson 

Above: both silk Ikat weavings by Polly Barton


Above: both ceramic bowls by Lucie Rie.

 I've also been researching a lot of David Lynch's paraphernalia, more on that in my next post. Here's just a preview, from Lynch's "Nudes & Smoke" photographuic series:

Other obsessions currently include: b&w home decor, with a heavy accent on the black side of things, artists at work/play in their atelier, as inspired by the photographs of David Seidner, with close-ups of tubed of pain, brushes, back of canvases etc...Also: anything Cy Twombly, artwork - usually the typographic kind - that is decoupaged then reconstructed, lots of scenes involving tea-related objects as usual, and for a quirky side of things, funny elephants' images that I collect for my nephews!

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