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lundi 25 octobre 2010

Finding the Perfect Outfit For a Winter Marriage

Hello Lovelies!

photo from a colorful DIY marriage, via sunny's blog

Today I'll tell you a bit about fashion, a thing quite not in my habits, or rather my search after the perfect outfit for my younger sister's marriage. The happy event will take place in December '10 (too long story to tell you why). So first of all, I need to find chic clothes that are warm enough! :sigh:

The thing is, I can't wear white - that's for the bride.  ;-)
I can't wear black either - simple choice, but suits more a funeral, alas.
And I simply cannot wear pastels like the lovely ladies in the picture above, since my skin is very fair, and when wearing pastels, I pretty much look sick!

What is a girl aspiring to simple elegance to do?!

Since I love anything related to Japan, as you may have noticed from my tea drawings, I decided to wear a taupe silk obi belt over this taupe Japanesesque-patterned skirt that bears a bright orange bird pattern over it. My top will be a matching deep orange cashmere sweater. That's a bit Halloweeny, black and orange, but taupe saves me here & I'll do my best to wear it with style!

Vic from TeaButterfly

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