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mercredi 6 octobre 2010

Trying Something New

Hello Lovelies,

József Nemes Lampérth's self-portrait, 1911, Budapest. 
Image from wiki commons, originally found here.

I love hungarian Fauvism, and I intend to copy this self-portrait one of these days... Actually, I did, inwatercolor form, just need to add a picure of it here.

Now back to my hospital life.
I dreamt of Brancusi last night. Here's why.
Today, in the crisp early morning air, I got out in the Park, feeling pretty excited. My path lead me to a small corner with all kinds of half-carved stones, mostly of the softest kind.
At 8:45 came Joel, our teacher. A nice, tall man, he taught all the men (I was the only woman around!) and me how to carve soft stone or even plaster, which is even better for beginners.
I am an artist at heart.
I have tried with some success - and some interesting "failures" - b/w photography, film editing, oil painting (abstract mostly), insect drawings (now my the specialty at my Etsy shop), Chinese ink sumi-e, creative writing, ceramics and more..
So, yes, I was pretty excited this morning to try a new art form. It always brings some inspiration to your current body of work. This morning, I have tried my hand at stone carving for an hour and half. At the end of the lesson, I felt hot and my back hurt.  
But what I wrote to Joel in the end was that I felt happy trying something new and glad to deal with something "concrete", as opposed to abstract (and usually gloomy) thoughts.
A delightful morning, indeed.
Vic from TeaButterfly.
As usual, pictures will be posted here as soon as I come back from the hospital. ;-)

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