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vendredi 10 février 2012

Cozying Up - in the depth of winter.

Hello lovelies!

photo, my own.

This week has seen the last days of my struggle against the flu. It's finally over, hooray! So i have been eating macarons to celebrate (see above).

Even before I had fully recovered, I ventured outside (crazy, I know) because the depth of winter is so beautiful, and I wanted to take some pics of ice and snow before they melted.

photo, my own.

After going outside in the cold, here is a glimpse at what I come home to:

photo, my own.more here.

After much inner debate, I have discovered the virtues of Dr Bach's flower elixirs. They really work! Life has been good to me ever since I started taking them, from day one. Quite amazing!
I personnally use the hornbeam remedy, but you might want to read a book or two before you take the plunge and choose your own flower.

I am starting to think about and prepare an exhibition of my oil paintings this year. This is a very exciting project! I need to count, name and photograph all of my oil paintings, not just these three few you can find here. More to come about that.

In the meantime, I have tried the following "Joyful Simplicities" for February, as advised by Sarah Ban Breathnach:

wear perfume everyday,

try a "muddy rose" lipstick, (mine is called "ripe rose" by

treat myself to a single white flower for my desk

listen to the music of Cole Porter.

What are your pleasures in the depth of winter?

-Vic from TeaButterfly.

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