vendredi 24 février 2012

Oh, and Happy, Happy Friday!

Hello Lovelies!

"Sagra Species" - new insect ink drawing. Lipson (c) 2012.

Spring is just around the corner, at last! I've bought myself hyacinths and daffodils at the farmers' market. This week, I also painted quite a lot... I tried my hand at acrylic, this time, and came up with this little trio:

I also tried my hand at making homemade yogurts... They turned out to be super easy to make and simply delicious! I also snapped pictures everyday, so as to go on with my photography  "2012 - 366" challenge. And, I started spring cleaning.

Now I need to sip some tea, slow down and relax. I hope you do that, too, this last weekend of February.

Check out my latest "doodles" & Enjoy!

-Vic from TeaButterfly.

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