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vendredi 3 février 2012

Unplanned Sharing

Hello Lovelies,

photo via OhOceane's blog

And Happy New Month! February is knocking at our doors, and I wanted to welcome it, just like Paula did, and beautifully, too. Especially as January has been tough and well, ugly.

Now I want February to be a winter wonderland of creativity and fun and warmth. After all, this is the time of year we got the first snow here in the south of France where I live.

My cold is still on... Since January the 18th. I'm seeing the doctor again this afternoon, because it just can't go on like this. I had plans for this blog this week, beautiful plans. On Tuesday, I wanted to share a new "Tuesday's butterfly" with you, via oeuf NYC.

"oeuf NYC"'s embroidered and framed butterflies.

On Wednesday, I wanted to welcome February's first day, sharing some exciting new photography challenges (challenge one & challenge two) that could let our creative juices flowing. I'm in!

contest photo via pinterest

On Thursday, I wanted  to share some February pleasures with you, along with some pics of corners of my house. I use fresh white flowers and a bowl of citruses for that punch of color in an otherwise neutral living-room.

bowl of fruit. photo, my own.

I believe February is meant for paper whites and other forced bulbs, to bring in some living, growing greenery inside.

February is extra cold and we all need everything to be extra warm and soft to soothen our bodies & souls. This is the time my cat's fur gets super soft and fluffy, I love stroking it! I drink lots of hot chocolate, too, while watching the snow falling... Winter pleasures!

Here, I did share after all... :-)

So what are your plans for this new month? Any news worth sharing?

Pray, tell!

-Vic from TeaButterfly.

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